09. A Nerd’s Nightmare

All I could hear was an consistent banging of doors for what felt like hours. For all I know, it could be morning. We stood in the same place with Eric holding down the broken door and Chase mourning the loss of his…girlfriend? friend? Hell if I know. Kevin’s as speechless as I am. We both shrug in unison as we look around a war-torn weight room. Eric starts to struggle with the door so I go over to help him hold it down, taking weights from the room as a makeshift doorstop. Kevin walks over to Chase, hoping to calm the situation. 

Kevin: Chase…(A bit speechless). Not trying to interrupt, but we kinda have to make sure she’s….safe before you continue mourning. (Chase continues to weep, ignoring Kevin) Chase? (Turns to me, swirling his index finger around his ear)

Jake: (Walks over to Kevin and Chase) Chase, we gotta take care of this before she turns. (Chase continues to ignore us. Rolls my eyes and pulls out a knife, instantly stabbing the girl’s head quickly)

Chase: (Instantly erupts in a rage) WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! (Proceeds to lunge) YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! 

I lift up Chase rather easily (seeing as he probably weighs like 80 lbs), slamming him on his back like a wrestler. Kevin pulls me away and gives me a look of disappointment.


Jake: Look, i’m not too happy about what I just did but we couldn’t risk another casualty. Not if we wanna get out of here

Kevin: At least let me know when you’re gonna do something crazy and stupid. (I nod in response)

Eric: (Walking to Chase, giving him a hand) Guess this room is soundproof because they slowed down even after Chase screamed at you. So, what’s the plan?

Kevin: Either wait em out and sneak off or kill em all together

Eric: There’s too many of them to get through. Dozens

Jake: Are you absolutely sure about that?

Eric: Well…there were people holding those things off during the early days of the outbreak

Jake: They could have lessened since. No way to find out for sure

Eric: We just got them to stop attacking us! They could break the doors down if there are too many

Kevin: Did you see these doors? They’re made of metal. Only a car can break through them.

Eric: (Sighs) If you think it’s worth checking

Jake: It would suck if we were worried about leaving because only a few were out there. (Goes over to the door but is stopped by Kevin grabbing my shoulder)

Kevin: I hope you’re right. (Stand next to me with his hammer out)

I look to Kevin and quickly open the door raising my gun, expecting the worst.

I got the worst. Dozens of zombies turn to look at us like we just rung the dinner bell. Both of us quickly head inside the weight room, fixing the weights once again to hold the door down as they start banging the door, itching to get in. Kevin and I desperately hold it down as Eric and Chase look back at us in fear. Kevin turns to me. He doesn’t have to say a damn word because I know what he’s thinking. “Shut up” I say to him.


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