06. Adrenaline Rush

I felt like a deer in headlights as the truck came barreling towards me. My first instinct was to run, though that would leave my car ransacked of the supplies I’ve scavenged. I did what I thought was best and turn around and rush to the car. Kevin shared the same look of fear and uncertainty. I started the car and drove into the ghost town, swerving to the left. As I suspected, the truck did the same, its tires grinding against the road as I saw two men get up from the bed, both with assault rifles. I immediately slid into a tight alleyway that would hopefully slow them down. It was my adrenaline controlling the car, not me. I saw our pursuer attempt to enter but pulled out and drove down the road, hoping to cut us off. Instead, I sneaked into a conveniently placed parking garage and got out of the car, struggling to close the garage door. Kevin got out and helped me, but the door was stuck. That didn’t stop me though. Both of us pulled down as hard as we could and the door broke free, pulling down only halfway. Good enough.


I took out a couple waters and handed one to Kevin. We both took a few sips and entered what was a convenience store, hence the convenient garage. There was little to scavenge, but a few things could be proven useful. Unfortunately, the many windows allowed anyone to see from the inside, dead or alive. We both hid under the counter, staring at an empty cigarette rack.

“Talk about close calls” Kevin started. “Sure you’ve had worse though” I replied.

“Yeah, more life threatening at least. You?”.

“I’d say the same.” I took another sip.

“So how long should we stay here?” He asked. All I could do was shrug. “I say we stay the night. Just in case.”. I nodded in response. 


Suddenly, I heard a loud clang as if something dropped onto the floor. I looked up slowly and saw a walker, black drool slipping down his chin as he looks around. I almost forgot that we were in a damn apocalypse. Kevin looked up and saw it too, motioning me to finish the job. I rolled my eyes and took out a knife I carried in case of stealthy situations. My footsteps allowed the walker to turn toward me, making its animalistic growl as he lunged, my knife firmly planted into his frontal lobe. I pushed him to the side, cleaning off the blade with his shirt. As I stood and turned to Kevin, I saw another figure, pointing a gun at me in the shadows.


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One Response to 06. Adrenaline Rush

  1. SANTA [WW] says:

    Glad to see another post!

    Another figure?? Not good! Not good!

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