05. For Those About To Rock

Ever ride in a car with the radio off? It sucks. There we were. Kevin at the passenger, looking forward, occasionally glancing to the side looking for anything dead. My eyes were compressed straight ahead like a robot. We were driving through a forest, a two line highway. The turns had large angles, almost like the Nurbergring (Google it). I kept both hands at the ready in case I couldn’t control the car through the winding turns at 30+ mph. The silence was killing me. The awkwardness of having someone else next to me. He didn’t want to say anything that might put him at my bad side. I didn’t blame him.

As the road continued, a sign came up on the side of the road saying “Highway to Hell”. The “to Hell” was written in graffiti, blocking out the number of the specific highway number. About half a mile after we passed the sign, I heard Kevin humming something. After a few moments, I realized that it was “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC. I said nothing at first, then I thought “what the hell?”.


“I’m on the highway to hell!” I started singing the damn song. Not murmuring. Loud, obnoxious, don’t give a shit singing. He turned to me as if I’d gone insane from the silence, then proceeded to start singing with me. You should have seen us. “I’m on the HIGHWAY TO HELL!” My God, we really did go crazy. We sang for a good minute before I sung the last lyric, “and I’m goin dooowwwwnnnn…ALLLLL the waaaayyy!!”. We both sat in silence again. Kevin then started tapping his foot like a drum beat. He then started air guitaring the beat. I instantly knew the song when he started the guitar. I then proceeded with back up vocals, “Oi! Oi! Oi!”. Kevin started us off.


“See me ride out on the sunset on your..colour tv screen”

“Out for all that I can get”

We both sang together “If you know what I mean”

I continue “Women to the left of me”

“Women to the right”

“Ain’t got no gun. Ain’t got no knife”

Kevin waved his finger at me, “Don’t you start no fight”. I smiled. It was genuine, real.

Together again, “TNT. I’m dynamite!” 


Why were we singing? Because we didn’t care. Nothing else in the world was particularly positive. I looked at him for a good few seconds. I could tell he had quite a journey before he found me. He felt the same pain I had at some point. Loneliness, stress, fear of whatever may be around you. That’s when I knew it was right to have him around.


We sang the last verse, “Watch me exploooode!!” We both stopped and started laughing. Like a huge burden was lifted from our shoulders. We sat silent once again, smirking. Glanced at each other. “I fucking love AC/DC”. “Who doesn’t?” I replied. Suddenly, the road started straitening over one final turn. A town lay in front of us. We looked forward in awe and caution. I slowed down to get a better view. “See anybody?” I asked. “Not really. Maybe one or two undead”. I rolled down the window to get a better view. It’s been a while since I washed the windows. When I rolled them down, I heard something. Some ominous rumbling. I stopped the car and turned it off in a safe side of the road. 


“What is it?” He asked. I shushed him. My heart began to race as the rumbling was getting louder. I turned my head back to where the sound was coming from. My eyes widened in fear. “What is it? What’s-” Kevin stopped himself when he turned around. Fear raced through out bodies as we saw a large, black pick-up truck, at least 15 ft tall driving toward us from the road we had just traveled on. 

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2 Responses to 05. For Those About To Rock

  1. SANTA [WW] says:

    Are you going to finish this story? I’ve had your blogged bookmarked since June 2013. Keep writing! Please!

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