03. Reading Material

Three seconds. That’s all it took for Jake to react to the tall stranger approaching his room. Still wasn’t quick enough. He could be holding a gun. He could be faster than me and slice me up with some rusty knife. I just stood there, my door wide open from the wind that breezed past my face. Waiting. Wondering what the figure would do next.


“Hello, good sir” I gave him a “what the hell did you just say?” face. The light surrounded him as he walked toward an overhead ceiling lamp. He was definitely tall. At least a few inches taller than me. Short brown hair. A big guy, but not fat or anything. Just big. Stained plaid shirt with a “Last of Us” undershirt. Man, I haven’t heard of that game in years. “Hi.” I responded. “I don’t mean to bother you, but all these other doors are locked and I couldnt help but notice the lights on in your room”. He had an uncomfortable smile on his face. Half of him was worried. The other was thankful for finding me. To be fair, I felt the same way as well. “Yeah. Well I’m leaving tomorrow. Motels don’t always last. Groups could crowd the place”


“Ah yes. My name’s Kevin. And yours?”. “Jake” We both paused. A little stunned still. “Sooo..you  need anything?”. “Well I could use a free room if that’s alright with you”. Oh this guy can’t be for real. Nobody’s this polite. “If I could, i would. But this is the only unlocked door”. “Oh. I see. Well, thanks anyway. Be careful now”. He started to leave. Was that a dream? Is it still?. “Hey, wait….If you’re not dangerous, you can stay here for a bit. I can’t sleep anyway”. I can’t believe I just said that. He’s gonna kill me now. “Really? Oh wow, thanks! I promise I’m not dangerous at all.” He went into the darkness to grab his backpack which laid on the floor next to a locked door and came back. I let him into my room.


“Wow, this is some place!” Looking around, casually. Not in a scavenging way. “Yeah. Surprised it still has electricity.”. “Oh I checked the generators. They’re gonna run out in a day or two.” Well, that’s kind of lucky. “Good to know” I went into my backpack and grabbed a book. I slowly sat down, resting my head against the pillow to read. “Hey, I read that book in high school!”. “So did I. I love it.”. “Eh. It was pretty boring though”. “You’re telling me” I smirk a bit. He smiles back as he sits down on a chair across from me. He turns to his backpack and takes out a book. I curiously glanced and couldn’t believe my eyes. “Good reading material, eh?” He chuckles as he takes out a generic “Zombie Survival Guide”. “You can’t be serious” I look at him firmly. “What?! It works! It’s helped me survive this long!” Laughing while he tells me. I can’t help but chuckle with him. “So what happened with you up til now?” I closed my book. He soon followed. “I had a few friends with me. Some lasted long. Others didn’t. Here I am now trying to make due. What about you?”. “Pretty much the same story. Didn’t have a group though. They just left with others. It’s been just me for a while”. “Oh, well I’m sorry about that. It sucks to be alone.” “Not always, but it can”. We were both quiet for a while. “Well, I’m going to sleep now. Hope you don’t mind. I trust you enough not to kill me and take my stuff.”. “Don’t worry. I’m not like others you may have met.” “That’s good to know. Good night, good sir!”. He gets comfortable and starts to fall asleep. I don’t know what to do next. Sleep with him or keep reading in case he tries to wake up and do something. He was right. The book was boring. Would make me sleep anyway. I looked at him once more. I sigh and pull up the covers, turning off the light. I need the sleep. And besides, I never had a companion before anyway. Maybe it’ll be good for me.

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2 Responses to 03. Reading Material

  1. Johanna says:

    When’s the next one? Cant wait! (Also, if you could separate the dialogue into different paragraphs for each speaker, that would make it easier to read and comprehend who’s speaking.)

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