01. One Plan

Jake enjoyed the empty road. If there’s one good thing that came out of this mess, it was that for most of the time, he could drive as fast as he wanted. He didn’t have much. It was enough to keep him going. An old Crown Victoria that used to be an undercover car. Still had the police modifications in the hood. It can outrun a brand new mustang if need be. He also liked the space. Plenty to store food, water, essentials for survival. It’s been two months since the apocalypse began. His parents were gone, as was his dog, whom he had grown up with. He ponders the memories of when the crazy stuff started happening.


He went to friends seeing what their plan was. Most went with their folks. Others formed a team that they had in their heads for shits and giggles when all this was imaginary. He made his little team with them. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the same thought. The last person he spoke to was his ex-girlfriend, who kindly hugged him before departure with her parents. He decided to stay in his town hoping to survive long enough without scavenging. Unfortunately, the dead moved his way. Before power went out, he texted, messaged, emailed everyone to make sure they were ok and how to contact them. However, there was one person he was worried about the most. Kathy, his pen-pal and long time friend. He made sure to get her address before his internet was gone for good. He also got addresses for other distant friends who may or may not be traveling. He had a plan. To make sure Kathy was safe.


They were separated by 1000 miles of road, dirt, and the undead. Jake didn’t care. He figured he would meet other friends along the way. When the dead was at his house, he headed out while he could, gathered as much food as possible and left. This is his story. His 1000+ journey across who knows what to find his close friend. He has nobody to look out for. Nobody to burden or slow him down. Why would anyone want to go across the country for just one girl in this messed-up world? Only Jake can answer. You may just get that answer.

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